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Junior Firefighters Attend Sullivan Fire Academy

July 7, 2014

By: Asst. Chief Greg Shuster

What a good week at Sullivan Fire Junior Academy Class 8!

It was such an honor to be a part of another great training session. It is a great feeling when you see a junior struggling with a task at the beginning of the week and by the end of the academy they have mastered it. Junior 2014There were 32 juniors in the class this year. If someone doesn’t know about the Junior Academy, it is a one week program that starts at 7:00 am and runs through 5:00 pm each day Monday through Friday. The juniors are kept busy the entire day except for a lunch break, training and learning on various tasks.  Each day the juniors are tested over the subject that they have been training for. This year was very tough on the juniors and the instructors because of the heat. But with all of the heat the juniors kept going strong to finish what they had to do. If there was a person that had an injury they would be upset because we would make them go home. If we knew that some could not do the task then the instructors would find something else for them to do for them to stay with their group.

The Cedar Hill Fire Protection District sent two juniors to the academy, Jarett Vandaveer and Dylan Jones. Every morning at 6:00 am we would meet at Cedar Hill FPD. House #1 to travel to the training. Those two juniors worked very hard all week long. There were some who had trouble with heat but I can say the heat did not get to Dylan and Jarett as bad. I asked them if they would like to go back next year and both of them said yes. There is a video on YouTube called Sullivan Fire Junior Academy Class 8. The video shows the hard work the juniors did.

At the completion of the class on Friday night there was a graduation. The graduation was at the Sullivan High School, and the class, and graduation was planned out very well. The guest speaker was Bill Zieres, from the Division of Fire Safety for the State of Missouri, who gave a very good speech to the group.  At the end of graduation the juniors received their certificate from the Division of Fire Safety.

I would like to thank everyone who helped with putting this together from Cedar Hill FPD for allowing the juniors and myself to go, the juniors themselves for a great job, the parents’ for making sure they were at the station to travel to the class each morning, and the Sullivan FPD for hosting the junior academy.  Job well done.

Quick Thinking Saves Local Business

May 16th, 2014

A small fire that occurred at one of Cedar Hill's local landmarks could have been much worse if not for the actions taken by its staff.

On Wednesday, May 14th at approximately 1:40 PM a small grease fire ignited on the grill at the Cedar Hill Dar-E-Kreme. The staff that consisted of owner Renee Basile, and her daughters, Jen Thess and Crystal Basile, noticed the situation and quickly reacted. 911 was called while a patron used a Class K fire extinguisher to knock the fire down. The Cedar Hill Fire Protection District responded and arrived on scene within just a few minutes.

When the Chief arrived on scene he reported heavy smoke showing from the hood system vent as well as light smoke exiting the open doors. The first pumper arrived and made entry to find a small fire still burning in a vent on the grill. The fire was fully extinguished using a CO2 extinguisher. The area around the grill was checked with a thermal imaging camera to make certain the fire was isolated to the grill.

This emergency reinforces some of the information that we educate our citizens on through our Fire Prevention Division:

Quick notification of 911. Had it not been for their quick response to notify 911 about their emergency, the fire may have grown much larger doing much more damage. Always call 911 first when you recognize a emergency prior to attempting to take any actions by yourself.
Proper Use of a Fire Extinguisher. In this circumstance, the correct fire extinguisher was selected (Class K), and it was used properly. Their fire extinguisher was mounted properly, as well as had the recommended inspections. All this led to helping minimize damage created by the fire. Know how to properly select and use a fire extinguisher.
Compliance with the Local Fire Codes. The fire district does annual fire safety inspections on local business to insure the safety of its patrons and staff. The Cedar Hill Dar-E-Kreme has always followed through with making corrections found during inspections. Their cooking appliances were place correctly under an approved hood system. They have the correct fire extinguishers mounted in the areas they are supposed to be. Because of this, all fire protection systems worked as designed, which also helped keep damage to a minimum.


The fire district would like to commend the Cedar Hill Dar-E-Kreme on always being proactive by complying with local fire codes. We also would like to commend their staff and the patron that all reacted quickly and properly. Luckily, because of their actions, our community only had to miss out on dining at this local landmark for one afternoon.

If you are a district citizen or business owner and would like training on how to properly select and use a fire extinguisher please contact our Fire Prevention Division at (636)285-3345.


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